Heather Hill-Spaine, Founder- Real Psych Practice™ LLC, helping therapists build dynamic psychotherapy practices

Heather Hill-Spaine is the founder of Real Psych Practice™ LLC. She also co-founded Fayetteville Psychotherapy Associates, PLC in 2004 and continues to serve as the practice's Director of Operations. She has over 22 years of experience in human resources, executive recruiting, benefits administration, administration, marketing, and business development. She has used this knowledge to build her own dynamic practice and to provide consulting services to therapists and enterprises.




What do you get when you combine a great business mind with great clinical minds?  You get a dynamic private psychotherapy practice.

In 2004, I left the comfort of corporate America after years in the Human Resources and Executive Recruiting fields (my last position as Director of Human Resources for the state’s largest newspaper) having accepted my husband’s offer to transition his solo psychology practice into a multi-practitioner group practice.  I had an interesting skill set to draw upon when it comes to private practice: corporate benefits adminstration, administration, marketing, sales, advertising and human resources.

My business acumen combined with my husband’s powerful clinical skills proved an excellent pairing.  I applied the right technology, marketing strategies, organizational and administrative techniques and planning strategies to get and keep the practice thriving and growing, even in down economic times. And so, within a few short years, the practice transformed from a one-man show in a small basement office into a dynamic, award-winning practice in a beautiful new office building.

He and his colleagues enjoy a steady flow of patients and an enviable revenue stream.  Most importantly, I’ve found that combining solid clinical skills and the right business tools  and strategies allows for high levels of patient care and practitioner profit while maintaining an ethical and enjoyable practice

Our success did not go unnoticed by other therapists.  As the practice began to grow and thrive, I started to field calls from local clinicians who were starting practices of their own, or, who were struggling with issues in their established practices.  I shared with them the tools I had developed and the lessons I had learned “in the trenches” as I worked to build, manage, market and grow the practice.  I also worked to ease their fears about the business side of practice so they could approach this part of their work with confidence.

And so, I founded Real Psych Practice™ LLC to provide a centralized way to continue helping local therapists, as well as a wider audience of therapists who are looking for help in building successful and dynamic practices in the “real world.”

I hope you will find answers and tools that will help you survive and thrive in private practice, either here on these pages, or, by contacting me for a personal consultation.