Are you a seasoned practitioner and “stuck” in one particular area of managing your practice?

Are you just getting started and feeling completely overwhelmed?

Are you hoping to grow your private practice, but aren’t sure where to start?

Do you need help developing your practice Brand?

Do you need a real marketing plan for your existing practice?

Are you dissatisfied with the results you are receiving from your existing website?


Therapists starting, managing and growing their practices don’t lack enthusiasm- what they need is the knowledge, structure, and resources to help their practices flourish.

Working with a professional experienced in managing and developing successful private practices can save you valuable time and money versus trying to “gut it out” by yourself, hoping to figure things out as you go.

Just a few of the things consulting can do for your practice:

Help you assess what your practice needs to thrive

Help you develop concrete action steps and provide accountability to meet your goals

Point you toward valuable tools and resources for your practice

Provide guidance to help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls

Help you identify ways to not just “see clients” but be profitable

Lend an experienced ear to ideas and concerns



I provide private practice consulting by phone, email, Internet, and on-site with psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, therapists and other service providers to bring powerful, personalized support for all aspects of private practice development. All consultations are tailored to your specific needs because every therapist and every practice is unique.


Okay, admit it- the idea of hiring a consultant is pretty scary. Worried you can’t afford a consultant? Not sure its a fit for your practice? Here are some things to think about:

Think of what an improved website could do to help get your phone ringing

Imagine getting help with a strategy to reduce or eliminate your no-show rate and what that could do for your bottom line?

Wouldn’t having a real marketing plan make a difference to your practice?

What if you had experienced guidance about the best ways to invest your time and money in your practice?

How would it benefit your practice to improve your referral network?

When I first started in the mental health field I remember trying to cobble together information from a thousand different sources to make my practice successful. It was exhausting. I made mistakes along the way that cost me time, money, and a whole lot of frustration that could have been avoided if I’d had someone experienced and knowledgeable to guide me along the way.

The primary reason I founded Real Psych Practice was to share the experience and knowledge I gained building a successful practice and helping other therapists build and grow their practices. Although my blog provides answers to many questions, consulting lets me provide direct feedback, motivation and guidance for therapists about their specific practice. No blog or webinar can ever help develop a marketing strategy, a practice Brand, clean up a website, strategize about client retention, or address a thousand other practice-specific issues in the way that the one-on-one consulting can. Consulting is THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL for getting a new practice off the ground the right way or jump-start an existing practice that’s hit a road block.



If you think you’re ready to take your practice to the next level, let’s schedule a FREE 30 minute phone consultation and talk about you and your practice.

During this conversation, we’ll talk about any obstacles you feel you’re facing, as well as what you’d ultimately like to achieve with your practice. I’ll offer you an initial assessment of how I can work with you to build your practice based upon the challenges you perceive and the goals you have outlined.

This conversation is an excellent opportunity to experience the give and take of the consultation format as well as my particular style of interaction. If you like what you hear, we can then discuss the best “plan of attack” for incorporating phone, email, Internet, or on-site consultations into your schedule.

And if I don’t think working with me will be a good fit for you and your practice I’ll tell you- and steer you toward other resources or professionals I think can best help you. I turn away more clients than I take on because I want each and every therapist I work with to be successful and spend their hard-earned money wisely. That’s why our first conversation is so important!

Consulting Services Menu:

Phone/Internet consultation only: 50 minute telephone/Internet conversations in which you will discuss your ongoing projects, goals and action plans and develop concrete strategies to achieve your practice vision.

Phone/Internet consultations & email support: phone/Internet consultations as above plus email support between phone/Internet conversations to provide structure, momentum and feedback as you work through the action plan you develop and discuss in your consultations.

Website Evaluation: you may have already purchased and implemented a website for your practice, but you may be frustrated by the results. Not all websites are created equal, and optimizing your site so that it attracts the kind of patients you wish to see in your practice is the ultimate goal of a website evaluation. While this evaluation is just a “talking-through,” of possible fixes your site may need, it will give you an idea of concrete steps you can take to reach out more effectively to potential patients.


Monthly Phone & Email Package- $300 per month, which includes two (2), 50 minute phone calls or Internet calls and email support between calls

3 Month Phone & Email Package- $750, includes two (2), 50 minute phone calls or Internet calls and email support between calls each month for three (3) months (your best value)

As-Needed Phone/Internet Consultations- $125 per 50 minute call

Website Evaluation- $100 for a 50 minute phone call assessing and discussing why your website may not be attracting clients (or is not attracting the clients you want)

Other Services- Fees available upon request


Every day you wait is time, money and clients lost. What are you waiting for?